If you are a hardworking, energetic individual with a passion to help others who are in need, and are looking for an opportunity to make a difference, then you have something special that you can add to our growing team.

Volunteers are the backbone of EducareProject, and without them our work would not have been possible or as successful as it has been so far. We encourage our volunteers to actively take part in the progression and development of this charity, by making suggestions and advising us on how we can improve and expand. We need your skills to change lives.

We have a range of campaigns that can be for anyone, and remember simple things can have lofty rewards such as collecting and distributing donation boxes in your area, or even sharing our work on social media. You can work within your own community, and in your spare time, we appreciate anything you can contribute no deed is too small!

Let us inspire others and transform lives. Join in and be part of something tremendous and let us make this life a memorable journey together and visit our volunteering and fundraising page for more information.

Contact Info:

Email : info@educareproject.org
Phone : 020 8064 0353

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